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Entertainment Memorabilia for sale includes: Film Programmes such as The Godfather, Film Sheet Music such as The Godfather, Film Books such as Film Star Parade circa 1944, Comedy Film Posters such as The Burbs 1988, Drama Film Posters such as Twister 1996, Thriller Film Posters such as The Relic 1997, Charlie Chaplin Collectables such as The Great Dictator rare set of 1940 window cards, Bob Hope Collectables such as The Seven Little Foys press book 1955, Bing Crosby Collectables such as Swinging on a Star sheet music 1944, John Wayne Collectables such as The Alamo film programme 1960, Frank Sinatra Collectables such as Frank Sinatra Royal Albert Hall concert programme and ticket 1977, Marilyn Monroe Collectables such as Some Like It Hot original soundtrack LP 1959, and Sean Connery Collectables such as Sean Connery BAFTA press pack 1990.

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2001 A Space Odyssey Film Programme 1968 The Godfather Song Album 1972