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The Dragonheart British quad film poster is folded and in Near Mint condition with slight wear to the folds.

Just  £55.00

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Sean Connery Dragonheart British Quad Film Poster 1996

PayPal: Buy Sean Connery Dragonheart 1996 Sean Connery Dragonheart Film Poster 1996

Sean Connery Dragonheart film poster is for sale. Dragonheart is a British quad film poster.

Dragonheart is the story of Bowen a dragon slaying knight who must work with Draco the last dragon to stop the evil King Einon who has been given partial immortality. Sean Connery is the voice of Draco the Dragon, Dennis Quaid plays Bowen the Dragon Slayer and David Thewlis plays King Einon.