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Entertainment Memorabilia

Bob Hope Collectables

The Seven Little Foys Press Book 1955

Charlie Chaplin Collectables

Charlie Chaplin The Great Dictator Window Cards 1940

Charlie Chaplin Press Photograph 1952

Charlie Chaplin Press Photograph 1952

Charlie Chaplin Press Photograph 1952

Charlie Chaplin Press Photograph 1952

Charlie Chaplin Press Photograph 1952

Charlie Chaplin Sheet Music

Charlie Chaplin Booklet

John Wayne Collectables

John Wayne The Alamo Film Programme 1960

John Wayne How the West Was Won Film Programme 1962

John Wayne In Harms Way Film Press Book Paramount Pictures 1965

Marilyn Monroe Collectables

Marilyn Monroe Some Like It Hot Soundtrack

Sean Connery Collectables

Woman of Straw Film Poster 1964

Sean Connery Original Film Poster

Sean Connery Film Poster

Sean Connery Film Poster

Sean Connery Film Poster

Sean Connery Film Poster

Sean Connery Film Poster

Sean Connery BAFTA Tribute Press Pack 1990

Sean Connery James Bond Sheet Music

Film Programmes

Ben Hur Film Programme

Mutiny on the Bounty Film Programme

Cleopatra Film Programme 1963

Doctor Zhivago Film Programme 1965

2001 A Space Odyssey Film Programme 1968

Film Programme Battle of Britain Premiere 1969

Battle of Britain  Film Programme 1969

Film Programme Tora Tora Tora 1970

Young Winston Film Programme 1972

Film Programme The Godfather 1972

Frank Sinatra Collectables

Frank Sinatra Sheet Music A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening 1943

Frank Sinatra Can-Can Film Programme 1960

Frank Sinatra Royal Albert Hall Concert Programme 1977

Frank Sinatra Royal Festival Hall Concert Programme 1978

Bing Crosby Collectables For Sale

Bing Crosby If I Had My Way Sheet Music

Bing Crosby Sheet Music Sunday, Monday or Always 1943

Bing Crosby Sheet Music Swinging on a Star 1944

Bing Crosby Aren’t You Glad You’re You Sheet Music 1945

Bing Crosby Out Of This World Paramount Pictures Film Press Book 1945

Film Sheet Music

Rudolph Valentino The Sheik Film Sheet Music

Rudolph Valentino The Son of the Sheik Film Sheet Music That Night in Araby 1926

Marx Brothers Film Sheet Music

The Goldwyn Follies Sheet Music 1938

Gulliver’s Travels Sheet Music 1939

Intermezzo Sheet Music 1939

Deep in the Heart of Texas Film Sheet Music 1942

For Me and My Gal Film Sheet Music 1942

The Godfather Souvenir Song Album 1972

Walt Disney’s Mary Poppins Song Album 1965

The Sound of Music Maria Sheet Music 1965

Mrs Robinson Sheet Music

Film Books

Film Star Parade Film Book circa 1944

Inside Filmland Film Book

Comedy Film Posters

Freebie and the Bean 1974 Film Poster

The Incredible Shrinking Woman Film Poster 1981

They Call Me Bruce Film Poster 1982

Class Film Poster 1983

Porky's II The Next Day Film Poster 1983

Stuck On You & Getting It On Double Bill Film Poster 1983

Cannonball Run II Film Poster 1984

Best Defence Film Poster 1984

Water Film Poster 1985

Legal Eagles Film Poster 1986

Jumpin' Jack Flash Film Poster 1986

Heavenly Pursuits Film Poster 1986

Gung Ho Film Poster 1987

Blind Date Film Poster 1987

The Burbs Film Poster 1989

Arthur 2 On the Rocks Film Poster 1988

Big Business Film Poster 1988

Crocodile Dundee II  Film Poster 1988

Tom Selleck Her Alibi Film Poster 1989

Home For The Holidays 1995 Film Poster

Casper Film Poster 1995

Jack Film Poster 1996

Twenty Four Seven Film Poster 1997

Mouse Hunt Film Poster 1997

Drama Film Posters

Death Wish II Film Poster 1982

The Glitter Dome Film Poster 1984

A Chorus Line Film Poster 1985

Top Gun Film Poster 1986

P.O.W. The Escape Film Poster 1986

No Mercy Film Poster 1986

Extremities Film Poster 1986

Betrayed Film Poster 1989

Driving Miss Daisy British Quad Film Poster 1989 | Collecting Collectables

Philadelphia Film Poster 1993

The Tie That Binds Film Poster 1995

Sling Blade Film Poster 1996

Last Dance Film Poster 1996

The Funeral Film Poster 1996

Twister Film Poster 1996

The Truce Film Poster 1997

Mrs Brown Film Poster

The Assistant Film Poster 1997

Eve's Bayou Advance Film Poster 1997

The Sweet Hereafter Film Poster 1997

Washington Square Film Poster 1998

The Land Girls Film Poster 1998

Thriller Film Posters

Timerider Film Poster 1982

Sudden Impact Film Poster 1983

Cat's Eye 1985 Film Poster

52 Pick-Up Film Poster 1986

Murphy's Law Film Poster 1986

Murphy’s Law Film Poster 1986

The Big Town Film Poster 1987

Angel Heart Film Poster 1987

Presumed Innocent Film Poster 1990

Trespass Film Poster 1992

The Tie That Binds Film Poster 1995

Last of the Dogmen Film Poster 1995

Alaska Film Poster 1996

The Relic Film Poster 1997

Deep Blue Sea Film Poster 1999

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